Largest static sealing gasket manufacturer in China


Company profile and development history:

The company was founded in July 1994, and located in Cidong Binhai Industrial Zone in Cixi City, near the beautiful Hangzhou Bay. The company is the private limited liability company with a registered capital of RMB 15.8 million, covering an area of 42,000 m2, and an building area of 40,000 m2. In 20 years of hard work, the company gradually becomes the largest static sealing gasket manufacturer in China from a family workshop with only a few workers.

As of 2015, the company has assets of RMB 120 million, and the annual sales volume was RMB 85 million in 2015. The company now has 220 employees, including 6 scientific and technical personnel with senior titles and 25 employees with bachelor degree or above. Besides, the research and development personnel are mostly professional in machinery chemical engineering, specialized in research and development and have strong R & D strength. In terms of production equipment, the company has one set of the most advanced G3015F-2PG2000 large laser cutting machine, one set of 1500 * 6000 CNC plasma cutting machine, and two sets of 1500 * 1500 automatic soft gaskets cutting machine imported from Germany, as well as 40 units of all kinds domestic and foreign CNC machine tools, 30 units of CNC automatic winding machine, 15 units of 20t-500t stamping machine, 8 units of 100t-350t hydraulic machine, and one set of laser welding machine, and so on. The company has a research place of more than 500 m2, including research and development center and trial center of more than 300 m2, and testing center of 170 m2. The company R&D is well equipped, including gasket seal test stand, universal testing machine, chemical testing instrument for metal material, high-speed carbon and sulfur analyzer, flexible graphite sulfur analyzer, nuclear grade gasket intelligent detection system, sealing gasket high temperature and high pressure steam heat cycle test system and other equipments.The company has been always honesty-oriented, based on quality and closely relying on team strengths, connecting into the international and domestic markets, achieved leaps again and again, and become the largest static sealing gasket manufacturer in China.

The production and operation conditions:

After ten years of development, the company now has eight series products of thousands of varieties, including metal gaskets, flexible graphite products, PTFE products, non-metallic gaskets, non-asbestos sealing products, rubber seals and sealing materials, with an annual output of 4.8 million pieces of spiral wound gasket, 100,000 pieces of metal ring gasket and 1.2 million pieces of tooth-shaped compound gasket, capable of meeting the demands in petroleum, chemical, electric power and shipbuilding and other industries.

Market reputation, relevant public awareness and product quality:

The company relies on professional personnel to actively participate in the development of technical standards for the industry. Since 2008, the company has been involved in the development of the "Large-diameter Steel Pipe Flanges Sheet" and other five national standards, two standards for chemical industry, and one standard for the machinery industry, and received a high reputation. In 2008, HENGSHENG brand of sealing gasket was rated as famous brand by the Association of Famous Brands Promotion of Ningbo City; in September 2011, the company was named the National High-tech Enterprise; in September 2012, the R&D Center of company (Ningbo Hengli metal sealing gasket engineering technology center) was rated as the enterprise engineering technology center of Ningbo City; in January 2013, Hengseng trademark registered by the company was identified as Zhejiang famous brand by Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Council.

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