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  • Name: Non-circular Spiral Wound Gasket
  • Number: HLG104-M
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        Spiral Wound M series are designed and manufactured for boiler manholes and handholes, valve bonnet covers etc. In required shapes and dimensions for service pressure range from 150LB to 2500LB. 1504-M is manufactured with SUS 304 and asbestos paper filler, and 1506-M with SUS316. 1509-M is manufactured with other metals on request.
   Other asbestos free types are also available on request.
Service Temperature 1504-M: up to 500°C
                    1506-M: up to 580°C

Obround Oval Diamond Square or rectangular

Flange types and suitable gasket types
Full face
Raised face
Male & Female
(M & F)
Tongue & Groove
(T & G)
with inner and outer ring with inner and outer ring with inner ring Basic type

* The type without an inner ring can be used if the following conditions are fully satisfied.
    Filler material: NA or asbestos
    Pressure rating: Class 600 or below, or 40K or below.
    Size: Nominal diameter 24B or below, or 600A or below.

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