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  • Name: Soild Metal Gasket
  • Number: HLG650
  • Views : 187


Machined from solid metals in a variety of shapes and are designed for high pressure, high temperature or highly corrosive applications by seiecting the most suitable material and shapes.

Type & Structure
No. Description Cross section  
HLG651 Oval type
HLG652 Octagonal type
HLG653 API-RX type
HLG654 API-BX type
HLG655 Plain type
HLG656 Lens type
HLG657 Delta type
HLG658 Wedge-shape type
HLG659 Double cone type
HLG660 O type inside spring  

Service Range
Material Max.Hardness Max.Temperature(°C )
Low Carbon Steel(S 10°C) 120 530
Stainless steel sheet
such as,SS304,316 etc.
160 750
Copper 50 400
Aluminium 30 300
Lead 10 100

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